BMW Winter Car Care Offer | £35

12/10/2020 00:00:00

BMW Winter Car Care Offer | £35

12/10/2020 00:00:00


Breakdowns are more common and can be more dangerous over the winter months, so be prepared for heavy rain, cold spells and challenging road conditions.

To provide you with peace of mind motoring over the winter period, let our Technicians carry out a comprehensive end to end Winter Health Check of your BMW for £35 whilst you wait in the comfort of our Centre.

Your BMW will also receive a front windscreen treatment which creates a ‘hydrophobic’ effect on glass. This dramatically improves visibility in the rain and when travelling at speeds of 40mph and above, the need for wipers to operate will be significantly reduced due to the way the water beads off the treated glass.

Sleet and snow simply bead, shed and roll off, and even ice is easy and quick to remove on those frosty mornings. The treatment will last for about six months and is applied by our trained Technicians.

For an additional £30, we can also treat the side widows and rear windscreen.

Our Winter Health Check will assess all aspects of your car including wheels and tyres, suspension and steering, under bonnet, exhaust and brake pads. Our Technicians will prepare a health report and, using the latest technology, share a personalised talk-through video whilst your vehicle is on a ramp in the Workshop.

We'll check:

* All lights

* Heat blower

* Horn* Battery

* Fluid levels, including coolant, screenwash, steering and engine oil

* Steering mobility

* Brake pads and discs

* Wiper blades

* Tyre pressure and treads

* Drivebelt

* Exhaust

For more information, or to make a booking, please call Bowker Blackburn on 01254 274444 or email