MINI mishap? Bumped BMW? It’s your call where you send your car to for repair and Bowker have it covered, as Matthew Parkinson explains.

Until it happens to you, you’ve likely never considered what happens next after an accident in your car. I’d probably do the same as most people and call my insurance company. But what’s the alternative?

In the event of your BMW or MINI needing repair following an accident, the decision lies with you, and not your insurer,as to who takes care of it. By choosing a BMW or MINI Approved Bodyshop, your car will be returned to its original Euro NCAP safety rating.

By making Bowker your first call, their accident management team will handle everything with minimal fuss from start to finish, making sure you’re safe before liaising with your insurance company,organising the recovery of your car, arranging a like-for-like replacement car if the accident wasn’t your fault, and even providing medical and legal aid if you’re injured as a result. Your car will then be handed over to their approved bodyshop for an estimation of the damage before work begins. That’s where J Macadam & Sons come in.

Nestled in the town of Colne sits the workshop of J Macadam & Sons. Starting out with a single recovery truck and a fistful of determination, John ‘Doug’ Macadam set up shop back in 1966. Fast forward 50 years and the family business is thriving, bolstered by a relationship with Bowker Motor Group spanning more than 40 years. The dedicated team at J Macadam & Sons are tooled up to deal with all manner of jobs in-house, from minor cosmetic do-overs to major structural and mechanical repairs. Better still, BMW and MINI certification means that all body repairs come with a lifetime guarantee for the duration of ownership providing you not only with a guarantee certificate, but the peace of mind that you and your vehicle are completely protected.

The devil is in the detail for the team at J Macadam & Sons, who inspect each stage of the vehicle repair process in the same way BMW and MINI technicians would inspect brand new cars on an assembly line. The phrase ‘that’ll do’ just doesn’t exist within these four walls, and for good reason. Like each car that passes through the workshop, Doug and his team are subject to their own set of quality control checks.

Earning BMW and MINI certification is no mean feat. Each year, representatives from BMW and MINI will visit to see that their exacting standards are being met by the panel beaters, the technicians,mechanics, painters - even the receptionists. It’s testament to Doug and his team that they’ve passed with flying colours each and every year.

Meeting these standards allows access to resources that independent garages simply can’t match. Whether it’s the latest diagnostic equipment, panels protected with the same galvanisation used on brand new vehicles, or even the paint sourced especially from BMW Group to ensure a perfect colour match, the level of detail is impeccable. It’s because of this manufacturer backing that unlike many independent garages, your car’s bodywork warranty will remain intact, no matter how bad the damage was to begin with. If it can be repaired, it can be guaranteed.

The phrase ‘good as new’ is often banded around recklessly, but I can’t imagine a more honest description of the freshly repaired cars being readied for their respective owners. The partnership between Bowker and John Macadam & Son has created a one-stop-shop for repairs that BMW and MINI owners can trust from start to fuss-free finish.

In an ideal world there wouldn’t be any accidents, and any decent human being would hope that this is a service you won’t need to use, but if you’re going to call anyone when your day comes to a screeching halt however, make sure it’s Bowker.

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